Base Chakra

Sonic Sadhana – Base Chakra

Excerpt taken from a live performance 2015. A super-sensory journey through sound, space, energy and consciousness via the power of sound meditation.

Sound Mediation 136.1

Planetary Cymatic Resonance – Sound Meditation

P-C-R is a musical project based on tunings calculated from natural frequencies found in our universe, such as the movement of planets or the resonances of molecules. Devoted to human well being and the resonant recalibration of people to their sonar origin, we create a symbiosis between the sound of acoustic and synthesized instruments.


GravityTerminal – Rain_Searching

Timo Preece works with vocalist Arae to produce beautiful and haunting sonic deviance from another dimension.

GravityTerminal – Blue Eysis_No Direction

New tracks from Timo Preece…GravityTerminal… deep dark sonic adventure.

Lucid Mechanism – Eponymous

Musical alchemy of structure, technology, fluidity and humanity casts its spell with dark rhythms and ethereal melodies.  The six song set ebbs and flows through genres such as Synth Pop, Industrial, Dark Wave, Minimal, Ambient, and Experimental.


GravityTerminal – 2006

As a unique landscape of experimental beats, Gravity Terminal’s, Timo Preece creates innovative sounds that haunt and seduce the listener.

Timo Preece_2006_dark Minimal Techno and IDM creations.



Minimal Soundscapes byTimo Preece and Cory Crowther, Tokyo, Japan