Planetary Cymatic Resonance – Ableton Loop 2017


Planetary Cymatic Resonance is delighted to be giving workshops on Brainwave Stimulation & Therapeutic Sound at Ableton Loop Summit 2017.

Binaural beats, clicks, vibrations and electric pulses have all been proven to effectively entrain the brain, prompting biological systems to synchronize. In other words, science shows that sound can promote states of relaxation and increased concentration. But how?

Featuring an interactive presentation and sound meditation, this workshop will explore how to use sound to direct awareness and activate non-ordinary states of consciousness (NOSC). By gaining an understanding of the connections between brainwave entrainment and fundamental laws of harmonics & physics, you’ll learn how to apply mathematical methods to make innovative and impactful music.

Planetary Cymatic Resonance is an audio-visual project focused on immersive realtime performance.

Devoted to well-being and the resonant recalibration of people to their sonar origin, PCR creates a symbiosis between the sound of acoustic and synthesized instruments. Exploring both internal and external space alike, PCR is a cross pollination of musical expression, scientific calculation, modern technology and ancient wisdom. At the heart of the collaboration, Berlin based duo Timo Preece and Steffen Günther promote mindfulness and inner awareness through improvised cinematic sound journeys. By transferring vibrating information into hearing range, PCR is able to sonify and perceptualize frequencies, like the movement of planets or the resonances of molecules, in ways participants are able to consciously and subconsciously resonate.

Timo Preece is an accomplished sound designer, multimedia consultant, musician, performer and Ableton Certified Trainer. He graduated with a degree in Ethnomusicology from UCLA and a Masters in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh. Steffen Günther is currently completing a degree in Audio Design at HdpK Berlin, where he is testing the psychological and emotional effects of cosmically tuned sound frequencies and cymatics. Preece and Günther recently presented their full length release, Planets & Chakras. The first seven tracks were composed during a live performance at Klangtage Berlin in March 2016 accompanied by Hans Cousto.