Planetary Cymatic Resonance – Full Length Release – Planets & Chakras

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In the spirit of the holidays, Planetary Cymatic Resonance would like to say thank you to our family, friends and fans by giving away our first full length album, Planets & Chakras, to the first 200 downloaders (donations always welcome).

Two years after the initial start of their collaboration, Timo Preece and Steffen Günther present their first album Planets & Chakras. The first seven tracks were composed during a live performance at Klangtage Berlin in March 2016 while accompanied by Hans Cousto. Thrilled to perform alongside the father of the Cosmic Octave himself, PCR bridged the gap from scientific explanation to immediate experience by guiding the audience through their internal resonating solar systems.

The movements of our planets are expressions of permanently standing waves that surround us like fields of information. By transferring this vibrating information into hearing range, we can relate to it and resonate consciously. Through days, weeks and months of repeated listening and refining, PCR was able to fine tune and hone in on sonic elements that allowed them to experience deep meditative states, harmonious sleep and heightened active concentration periods.

Whether you want to dive deep into meditation, grasping impressions of our luminaries, or need a nature related anchor to help stabilize your mood during everyday tasks. Planets & Chakras will do so by guiding you through seven aspects of our universe that, accordingly to the Cosmic Octave, equal our seven chakras.

Planetary Cymatic Resonance – Planets & Chakras
1. Earth Day – 194.18Hz – 91.02bpm
2. Moon – 210.42Hz – 98.63bpm
3. Sun – 126.22Hz – 118.33bpm
4. Earth Year – 136.1Hz – 127.60bpm
5. Mercury – 141.27Hz – 132.4bpm
6. Venus – 221.23Hz – 103.7bpm
7. Platonic Year – 172.86Hz – 80.65bpm
8. Deep Earth – 136.1Hz – 127.60bpm


released December 24, 2016

Planetary Cymatic Resonance: Timo Preece and Steffen Günther

Additional production, mixing and mastering: Timo Preece

Graphics: Dara Etefaghi

*Special thanks to Hans Cousto and the Cosmic Octave for providing us with vision, inspiration and mathematical calculations

Sound Meditation – Cosmic Octave – Planet Frequency – Chakra Meditation – Berlin

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