Timo Preece (GravityTerminal, Lucid Mechanism)_Ableton Live Certified Trainer, ProTools, Logic Instructor, Electronic Musician, and Consultant San Francisco, CA

  • Audio technology consulting

  • Studio engineering and audio production

  • Sound design

  • One-on-one private training

  • Instrument and effect programming

  • Online instruction and distance learning

  • Group workshops and specialized master classes

  • Custom Live performance setup design

  • Audio technology Journalism

  • Live performance and DJ training

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Certified Training

Ableton Certified Trainer and ProTools Expert, Timo Preece offers private and group lessons, one-on-one training, specialized workshops, and consulting for most aspects of sound production including: recording, mixing, composition, sound design, post production, synthesis, live performance, DJing, etc. for most audio software and digital audio workstations.

Private and Group Lessons

Whether you’re looking for training, guidance, an extra set of trained ears or a helping hand to get your productions or performance to the next level, Timo’s lessons will greatly benefit you.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Workflow Strategies and Essentials
  • Creative Sound Design
  • Building Custom Performance Setups
  • Polishing, Rounding off and Finalizing Productions
  • Using Ableton PUSH or other controllers
  • Preparing Stems for Live Performance
  • Mixing and Mastering Fundamentals
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Production Techniques
  • Arrangement and Composition
  • Drum, Synthesizer and Sampler Programming
  • Instrument and Effect Rack Design
  • Remixing
  • Hardware Integration
  • Post Production

One on one training is suitable for all experience levels and is a great choice for those wanting direct assistance. Timo’s private lessons are carefully coordinated to help students/clients hone in on specific needs, goals, desired skills, and objectives.

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From conceptualizing and building custom cutting-edge setups to offering inventive solutions for audio production and technology integration, Timo devises well organized, optimized sessions that get you on track quickly and effectively.

Audio training, content creation and consulting for high profile artists and companies including: DJ Shadow, Beats Antique, Mickey Hart, Inu, MixMatchMusic, Propellerhead, Pandora, and more.

  • Ableton Live training + configurations for theater, bands, artists, companies, events
  • Software instrument and effects
  • Custom controllers
  • Music Composition, Sound Design + Remixing, Custom Software Presets
  • Music Technology for Tours- Programming, Live Sound + Effects Triggering
  • Studio Production
  • Tutorial and Training Videos

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