“Timo did a fantastic job!  His technique of teaching I think is easily adaptable for any student!  I have mounds and mounds of new knowledge to play with now and I am very thankful for it!  Thank you Timo!”
Tommy Dolcini Jr.
Owner-My Guy HiTech

“He provides lucid explanations and is very approachable. What worked really well was the balance of instruction followed by a lab component.  I learn best by watching and then doing, so Timo’s didactics resonated with me well. Timo also provided sample materials to work with and he did the best he could with the stuff we had.”
Davis Yee

“This was a great course! I can’t believe how much I learned in one weekend. Timo is a great instructor. I will definitely take more  classes.”
Cecily Madanes

“Before class I have to say I was somewhat narrow minded about Ableton capabilities.  I initially thought I was going to learn how to make tracks in Ableton’s arrangement view – and I would have been happy.  Instead Timo Preece taught the class how to use Ableton. Timo got into the guts of Ableton teaching us more than just the basics “session view and arrangement view”, unlocking Ableton’s potential for us.  He showed us how to use Ableton Live as an instrument and not just a DAW.  Really Cool Stuff!!”
-Serg Rockwell
RokRite / Jetset Music Group

“Just a few words about the Ableton Live course I took with instructor Timo Preece.  I’m not an active DJ anymore, I just wanted to learn more about Ableton to see how I might use it for my own production work.  In the past I’ve spent money on hardware and software without knowing much about it, only to find later that it didn’t do what I wanted.  The Ableton course was great because I got to see what it can do, and how to use it.  Timo knows the product inside out and is a good instructor.  I think teaching these courses can be difficult because there are often folks all along the spectrum of experience.  Timo was able to speak to everyone in the class, power users, new users, in the middle, etc.  Content of the course was good, and the format of the instruction was just right.”
Mike Runge

“It has been an honor to be apart of this great opportunity to create another chapter of my educational journey. Timo has a unique style of teaching that elevates the minds of the student through his experiences and musical journey. I’m simply inspired upon the materials he provides and the flow of the entire class.”
JayFree aka KM

“Had a great weekend in Timo’s Intro to Ableton class.  Timo’s a great guy and teacher.  Super nice, chill, and knowledgeable.  As a working DJ, I also appreciate the fact that Timo is a musician and is actively playing shows as am I.  Before entering this past weekend, Ableton seemed really daunting to me.  And although I certainly have much to learn about the program, thanks to Timo I now have the confidence and basic skills to get working on some projects!”
Scott Campbell  //  DJ CAMS

“I just wanted to thank you for your time last weekend. Your introduction to Ableton live 8 class far surpassed my expectations. When I was in college I had some professors that were extremely knowledgeable, and I had some that really knew how to teach students. Those two skill sets rarely overlapped. However, you seem to balance both those abilities with no problem.”
John Kelson

“I just wanted to say I found your Ableton Pro class to be very valuable. I’m looking forward to the next one in 2 weeks.”
Kavon Kavoussi

“I have taken a few of Timo’s classes. He is able to show you innovative methods that will take any project to a more professional level. He has helped in my ability to get production ideas down and recorded.
Robert Calhoon

“I took a 2 day workshop from Timo on Abelton Live. This guy knows his stuff AND he is really good at teaching and demonstrating concepts in a concise manner. Two days very well spent.
Steve Orlando

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5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Its truly been a privilege to have met & been instructed by Timo Preece. It would be quite the understatement to say hes had a huge impact on both my education and my music production. From the very beginning, Mr. Preece laid down a solid foundation for me, built on mutual respect, easy-to-understand fundamentals, and clearly defined goals. He streamlined the learning process and made me & my fellow classmates feel 100% comfortable with our unique workflows & varying degrees of expertise. Aside from his outstanding credentials as an instructor, Timo has become a good friend of mine. Whether we’re talking about music, plug-ins, or anything else for that matter, it’s always great conversation and a good time. I can only hope that every aspiring professional, in any field, can find a mentor as good as the one I found in Timo Preece.

  2. Amazing teacher! Wish I would’ve studied with him sooner. Learned a TON that I have now applied into my music making. Definitely individualizes each session as specifically as possible to meet the demands of the project at hand…Thanks Timo !

  3. I had the great opportunity to attend a number of one-to-one Ableton sessions with Timo and honestly I could not find a better trainer.
    Highly professional and accurate in his explanations, extremely patient (I am an absolute beginner with Ableton and softwares in general), willing to help his students in the best way.
    It’s been a privilege to know such a kind human being and I hope to keep training with him when I return to Berlin.

  4. Hey Timo!
    Just wanted to reach out and say thank you. I just finished your Killer Sound Design tutorial on macProVideos. Was a tremendous help and resource. Especially with Arrangement vs. Session automation. Until hearing your explanation, I had heck of a time understanding the difference. Volume Modulation, ultimate headache relief. Besides this, I was blown away by rhythmic gating as well! I had a good guess at the results I could get, but not to the degree you touched on, even in your brief explanations. Had no idea, so very cool. Again much thanks from Canada!


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